MMUCC Training


These web-based materials are intended to be an expanded resource and companion piece for the Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) Guideline Third Edition (2008). This resource defines and provides training examples for the attributes of MMUCC's Data Elements Collected At The Scene. In assembling these materials, guidance has been drawn from State and Federal publications, law enforcement instruction manuals, and national standards for crash classification.

The content can be accessed using any of three organizational structures: (1) An Index of Elements from the guideline (2) an alphabetized list of elements (3) grouped element modules. The most technically involved elements of the crash criteria are explained using narrative, photographs, examples and illustrations. The elements grouped within each module focus on related topics and are not bound by the element groupings of Crash, Vehicle, and Person as found in the manual hard copy. Elements within each training topic are cross-linked to illustrate logical relationships and interdependence. The data elements covered in each module can be reviewed by clicking on its title in the Menu bar.