MMUCC Training

V3. Motor Vehicle Registration State and Year


The state, commonwealth, territory, Indian Nation, U.S. Government, foreign country, etc., issuing the registration plate and the year of registration as indicated on the registration plate displayed on the motor vehicle. For foreign countries, MMUCC requires only the name of the country. Border states may want to collect the name of individual Canadian provinces or Mexican states.

Element Attribute
Motor Vehicle Registration State and Year:
  1. State Identifier (State, foreign country, U.S. Government, Indian Nation, etc. See Appendix G.)
  2. Year of Motor Vehicle Registration (YYYY)

This element is critical in providing linkage between the crash and motor vehicle registration files to access the motor vehicle identification number.

State and Province Codes, FIPS Codes
Geographic Locator Codes (GLC's) Overview

Worldwide Geographic Location Codes lists the number and letter codes federal agencies should use in designating geographic locations anywhere in the United States or abroad in computer programs. Use of standard codes facilitates the interchange of machine-readable data from agency to agency within the federal community and between federal offices and state and local groups.

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