MMUCC Training

RL14. Traffic Control Type at Intersection


Type of traffic control device at intersection where crash occurred.

Source: Obtained by linking Crash Location (C5) to the Roadway Inventory data.

Element Attributes:
  • No Control
  • Stop Signs on Cross Street Only
  • All-Way Stop Signs
  • All-Way Flasher (red on cross street)
  • All-Way Flasher (red on all legs)
  • Yield Signs on Cross Street Only
  • Signals Pre-Timed (2 Phase)
  • Signals Pre-Timed (multi-phase)
  • Signals Semi-Actuated (2 Phase)
  • Signals Semi-Actuated (multi-phase)
  • Signals Fully Actuated (2 Phase)
  • Signals Fully Actuated (multi-phase)
  • Other
  • Unknown

Important to understand the relationship between crashes at intersections and the type of traffic control device present.