MMUCC Training

RL13. Presence/Type of Bicycle Facility


Any road, path, or way which is specifically designated as being open to bicycle travel, regardless of whether such facilities are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles or are to be shared with other transportation modes.

Source: Obtained by linking Crash Location (C5) to the Roadway Inventory data.

Subfield 1 - Facility
  • None
  • Wide Curb Lane
  • Marked Bicycle Lane
  • Unmarked Paved Shoulder
  • Separate Bicycle Path/Trail
  • Unknown
Subfield 2 - Signed Bicycle Route
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unknown
  • Not Applicable

Needed to determine usage and safety of bicycle facilities. Needed to determine the location of bicycle crashes in relation to a bicycle facility. Important for ascertaining the relative safety performance of various types/ classes of bike paths to guide future design/operation decisions.