MMUCC Training

RL12. Pavement Markings, Longitudinal


The longitudinal markings (paint, plastic, or other) used on the roadway surface to guide or control the path followed by drivers.

Element Attributes:
Subfield 1 - Edgeline Presence/Type
  • No Marked Edgeline
  • Standard Width Edgeline
  • Wide Edgeline
  • Other
Subfield 2 - Centerline Presence/Type
  • No Marked Centerline
  • Standard Centerline Markings
  • Centerline With Centerline Rumble Strip
Subfield 3 - Lane Line Markings
  • No Lane Markings
  • Standard Lane Line
  • Wide Lane Line

Important to know about the existence of pavement markings for the analysis of crash data. Useful for determining the effects of various types of longitudinal markings on various types of crashes to guide future applications.