MMUCC Training

P7: Restraint Systems Use / Helmet Use


The restraint equipment in use by the occupant, or the helmet use by a motorcyclist, at the time of the crash.

Element Attributes
Subfield 1: Restraint Systems
  • Not Applicable
  • None Used-Motor Vehicle Occupant
  • Shoulder and Lap Belt Used
  • Shoulder Belt Only Used
  • Lap Belt Only Used
  • Restraint Used Type Unknown
  • Child Restraint System Forward Facing
  • Child Restraint System Rear Facing
  • Booster Seat
  • Child Restraint Type Unknown
  • Other
  • Unknown
Subfield 2: Helmet Use
  • DOT-Compliant Motorcycle Helmet
  • Other Helmet
  • No Helmet

Proper classification of the use of available occupant restraint systems and helmet use is vital to evaluating the effectiveness of such equipment.