MMUCC Training

P3: Person Type


Type of person involved in a crash.

Element Attributes
Motorist (occupant of vehicle in transport):
  • Driver
  • Passenger
Non-Motorist (non-occupant of vehicle in transport):
  • Pedestrian
  • Other Pedestrian (wheelchair, person in a building, skater, pedestrian conveyance)
  • Bicyclist
  • Other Cyclist
  • Occupant of Motor Vehicle Not in Transport (parked, etc.)
  • Occupant of a Non-Motor Vehicle Transportation Device
  • Unknown type of Non- Motorist
  • Unknown

Need to know person type for classification purposes to evaluate specific countermeasures designed for specific people.
Note regarding Person Type (from the FARS Coding Manual): An involved person in a crash should maintain Person Type during the crash. Once the unstabilized situation begins, a driver, passenger or non-motorist should not change Person Type until the crash stabilizes. If a person is entering or exiting a vehicle before the unstabilized situation begins, try to determine if the person has successfully changed type before control is lost. (i.e., a pedestrian getting into an automobile that begins to move, a passenger stepping off of a bus as it begins to pull away, etc.).