MMUCC Training

P22: Non-Motorist Action/Circumstance Prior to Crash


The action of the non-motorist immediately prior to the crash and an indication of whether the non-motorist was walking/cycling to/from school.

Non-motorist - any person other than an occupant of a motor vehicle in transport. This includes pedestrians, bicyclists, other cyclists, occupants of other motor vehicles not in transport, and occupants of transport vehicles other than motor vehicles.

Element Attributes
  • Crossing Roadway
  • Waiting to Cross Roadway
  • Walking/Cycling Along Roadway with Traffic (In or Adjacent to Travel Lane)
  • Walking/Cycling Along Roadway Against Traffic (In or Adjacent to Travel Lane)
  • Walking/Cycling on Sidewalk
  • In Roadway - Other (Working, Playing, etc.)
  • Adjacent to Roadway (e.g., Shoulder, Median)
  • Going to or from School (K-12)
  • Working in Trafficway (Incident Response)
  • Other
  • None
  • Unknown

*Note - The attributes "Going to or from School (K-12)" and "Working in Trafficway (Incident Response)" take precedence when more than one attribute is applicable.


The development of effective roadway design and operation, education, and enforcement measures to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists and prevent crashes with motor vehicles is enhanced by the collection of the actions and circumstances prior to the crash.

Useful in combination with Element P23 Non-Motorist Actions/Circumstances at Time of Crash to develop a complete picture of a person's contribution to a crash.