MMUCC Training

P12: Driver Name


The full name of the individual driver.

Element Attributes

The length and type of a name field is 35 alphanumeric symbols (ANS).

Guidance: (Source: Based on Driver History Record Data Dictionary, May 22, 1990, pages B5-B6.

Names of Persons - There are four subfields within the name field and each ends in a spacer ("@") except for the final field. SUFFIX. Spacers must be used to differentiate the name subfields. From left to right, the code is composed of LAST NAME, @, FIRST NAME, @ MIDDLE NAMES SEPARATED BY SPACES, @, SUFFIX. A spacer must follow every subfield except for SUFFIX, even when the subfields contain no data.


This data element should be collected to corroborate the driver license number and to facilitate linkage when names are available in the health and insurance files. When possible, obtain this information from the driver license (via a bar code or smart license or via on-line linkage).