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P11: Driver License Number, Class, CDL, Endorsements


A unique set of alphanumeric characters assigned by the authorizing agent issuing a driver license to the individual.

Element Attributes
Subfield 1: License Number

Alphanumeric identifier assigned by the authorizing jurisdiction (State, foreign country, U.S. Government, Indian Nation, etc.)

Subfield 2: Class

This indicates the type of driver's license issued by the State and the type of motor vehicle the driver is qualified to drive.

  • None
  • Not Applicable
  • Class A - details
  • Class B - details
  • Class C - details
  • Regular Driver's License Class - details
  • Class M - details
Subfield 3: Commercial Driver License (CDL)

This indicates whether the driver's license is a commercial driver license (CDL). Also, this information is important to separate the non-commercial licenses included by some States in Class C with the commercial licenses.

  • No
  • Yes
Subfield 4: Endorsements

This indicates any endorsements to the driver's license, both commercial and non-commercial.

  • None / Not Applicable
  • T - Double/Triple Trailers (Applies to Class A)
  • P - Passenger (Applies to transportation of 16 or more people including the driver)
  • N - Tank Vehicle (Required on any A, B, or C for transporting liquid or gaseous material with a tank attached to the vehicle)
  • H - Hazardous Materials (Required on any A, B, or C for transporting hazardous material requiring placarding)
  • X - Combination of Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials
  • S - School
  • Other non-commercial license endorsements (e.g.; motorcycle, etc.)

Endorsements: Issued to drivers after successfully completing a specialized test that qualifies them to operate that specific type of vehicle.


This element is critical in providing linkage between the crash and driver license files at the state level. This information is mandated by FMCSA for commercial drivers.