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C3. Crash County


The county or equivalent entity in which the crash occurred.

Element Attributes
Name of the County

Record the county or equivalent entity in which a crash occurred. If codes are used instead of name, use the GSA Geographic Locator Codes (GLC) that can be found on the Internet at: If state-assigned codes are used, they should be convertible to the GSA/FIPS format.


Important for analyses of county area programs such as Safe Communities. Critical for linkage of the crash file to other state data files (EMS, hospital, roadway, etc.). Important for intrastate comparisons.

State and Province Codes, FIPS Codes
Geographic Locator Codes (GLC's) Overview

Worldwide Geographic Location Codes lists the number and letter codes federal agencies should use in designating geographic locations anywhere in the United States or abroad in computer programs. Use of standard codes facilitates the interchange of machine-readable data from agency to agency within the federal community and between federal offices and state and local groups.

» GSA Geographic Locator Codes